Monday, July 28, 2008

That just happened

Yo. Well bike racing can aggravate a person some times. Sunday was one of those times. Two against six is pretty good odds, the kind you bet the house on. Good thing we didn't bet on Sunday. Pete Hanna and Pelis beat our team. What a difference a year makes. Oh well. State Road is our last chances to get another state tittle.(Ian won the Sate ITT) I really hope we can do it.

Micah and I are going to tour of KC. He is on track to get a top five at cliff drive and I'm gonna help with that. Last year I got 10th in the overland park crit and I'd like to better that result this year. After KC and Downers, I'll hopefully be in a little better shape for State road. Anyway, I'm thinking about Dakota tech tues, and Black Dog Wed, this week since I'm taking the weekend off. We'll see.

Everyone rode pretty good at the State crit, those guys were just better than us that day. Al right I guess that's it for now. Tonight, I'm hanging out with Jenn and catching up. She was in Sin City for a wedding and took some cool pics I yet to see.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is it me, or do hangovers get worse with age?

Yo. Well we pulled it off last weekend. We won the overall at the tour of granite country. It started off pretty rough actually. Rain and wind were the name of the game in the ITT. Dougo won of course with Ian and Casper not far behind. I didn't feel good at all at the start. However, Micah was my 30 man and a great rabbit. I got 7th. The circuit race was really cool and micah got away with Dale and they stayed away. Micah got 2nd and a bunch of time bonuses and put him into 4th overall at the end of the day. This picture pretty sums up what we did on the road race stage.

We pulled all day. It was fun to work together a little better than we have been earlier in the year. We're still pretty rough around the edges, but are figuring it out a little more each time. The last time up the hill,the chasing and attacking all day caught up with the legs. I saw Paul Harrison fly by me making the final cut and I couldn't shut down the gap. I blew sky high, and then coasted in with Casper. We chatted about tactics and agreed it was a good cool down. I was really glad to see Paul make it up there, he just upgraded and is fit right now. Keep it up. Anyway, Doug won and Ian was up there too. Pretty cool. Next month is pretty full. State crit, tour of Kansas City, Crit Nats', State Road Race, and finally Gateway cup in STL.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yo. It's been a little bit since I've updated so here is a run-down on the happs. Northfield we tried a different tactic...race scrappy. Danno got 6th, I got 8th, and Ian got 10th. Three guys in the top ten is pretty good. St. Cloud we were outnumbered pretty bad. I bridged up to a couple moves, but nothing stuck. I also crashed in a corn field, that was neat. Williams attacked on the last climb and split the field which was swizzy. However, the non-assertive copper didn't stop a Hell's Angels' rally so we got caught. Patty won the sprint. I got 4th. Hopkins was good. Micah got in a move and Stuck it. He got third. Good job yo! Last night I did Dakota tech. What a fuckin' mess. I got 8th. The last couple 1,2,3 races, I was noticing there are a lot of hitch hikers. Some guys just won't pull. I'm mean not even roll through. Just follow wheels you dumbasses! It really isn't that hard. I dont know how some of these guys ride during the week. The must sit by the window, spot a biker, run out side, jump on there wheel and just sit there. So, since everybody is taking about categories, I propose new categories Cat 1,3 and cat2,4,5. Here is why: All the guys that just upgraded have wind allergies apparently, so riding with 4,5's should be a more fitting pace with less wind. Cat 3's want to be cat 2's. Lately, I've seen them be way more aggressive the the newly upgraded 2's. Now, before I get a shit load of pissy cry babies commenting on how tough they are, I realize that there are SOME guys out there who aren't afraid of working or at least follow wheels and rolling through. So if you are one of those guys, keep up the good work. If not, stay in the back and don't sprint at the end for 18th place.