Monday, June 30, 2008

Can i get a 'DO OVER' on that?

Yo. Well last night i was thinking how much we fucked up that crit. Bummer. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just don't work out. The first few lines of suicidal tendencies', "institutionalized" song pretty much sums up the st. cloud crit. Thanks for cheering and thanks to hollywood for the play by play on the PA.
Friday, I'm bringing my 'A' game.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Luck ran out....

Yo. Well, cause i didn't get hurt at NVPG, i cut the shit out of my leg at the last state fair crit. My chainring punctured my big ass artery right by my ankle. Uuuhff. Lotsa blood. Thanks for helping me Micah and Casper! Mike Weoll Crashed warming up a couple minutes later. WTF? Anyway the race didn't go so hot. A good group got away and I was in the second chase group in front of the main bunch. We got close a couple times but just couldn't shut 'er down. Oh well. After the race Weoll came over and we finished one of those growlers' he won in a ninja prime. It was good. Anyway, I was thinking something has been missing from the old blogger lately......YOUTUBE. Dougo tell me how much I love it and....I do. here are two great ones. Both of which ARE movies, so Dan won't be pissed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

NVGP hates on the locals

Yo. Thank you to ALL who made the big race happen. It was hard but lots of fun and wouldn't have been the same without everyone helping and cheering the locals on. Thank you thank you thank you. Dan Cleary bought a beer for me after the race too. Thanks Ok, WTF is with the NVGP hatin' on us. Ian and Doiger got bottles pulled back from them when the came through the "neutral" feed zone at Mankato. HHHmmmm. Ok. Yesterday I turned myself inside out to finish the damn stage and get on the overall results. I made it 32 min of a 60 min race. The race bible stated, riders have to complete 25% of the race to be on the overall results. Thanks Dave, you know I have a calculator that I don't use and apparently, long division and percentages are difficult for you , so let me know how I can get it to you. The best part is the lady who pulled us , Jordan (ISCORP), and I, asked me for my number....well, it's on my bike, and two places on my jersey. I'm sure it sounds like I'm just cryin, however it would be nice to be on the results if you finish a race a tough race like that. But no, I'm on the riders dropping out list. Oh well, that's life when haters put on races. If not being scored wasn't enough, before the race I locked my damn keys in the car and had to use a coat hanger to break in. Dan and Doug were pretty impressed I unlocked it and I'm sure thought I learned it in crime school. Anyway, thanks again to every body who was there at the races cheering on the locals. Thanks to Tim and Andy for bike throw too, better coverage than I think.

Monday, June 9, 2008

409 was cooler when it was a Beach Boy's song

Yo, well only two days left to the big race, . I opted not to do the state ITT on Sunday Ian won and Casper got 3rd. Awesome job team. Saturday and Sunday I got two solid secret training rides in. Hills and flats. Anyway, it finally happened...4 buck gas. Bummer..... Oh well.... It's still cheap comparatively to other countries. Al right, I'll try to get an update after the first couple stages. Oh yeah, Thanks Super Rookie. Glad to hear you don't think I'm that mean....cause I'm really not.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The big race

Yo. Well we got into Nature Valley. We only got 4 spots though.
Should be pretty cool. This week has been a little harder
than normal because of work but I got out a couple times
and raced on tuesday. State TT is this weekend and I'm not
sure what to do about that. Al right till next time

PS I hate pop music, but Weezer is al right here's there new one.
Plus, Dano won't be pissed cause it's not just the song.
There are also a lot of funny cameo's, I'm not talkin' about
the pad in your short either :)
(music video included)