Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where the hell did all the power go?

Yo. Well not even Dano's coveted google maps can find my UP these days. Kenwoods was pretty much windy, snowy, and generally insane. The race was over 1.5K into it. Doug was isolated once again. BK was up there with him for most of the day with him, but in the end it's dougo vs. the lot of the lead bunch. I'm tryin' my best but it's been bad spring for me so far. Grandstay is strong we just need to organize and plan more. Everyone rode the best they could that day, it was just hard. Ian won the bunch sprint in the main peloton, with Casper riding away at the start of the last Lap. Dougo won, BK got 4th, Casper 5, Ian 6th, I got 8th and Matt Williams 10th. We owned the top ten so it wasn't a total loss. It was just hard. The next day was a crit and Dano got 2nd or 3rd, I'm not sure. Micah and Lance were up there too. What a weekend. Tonight, OPUS should be fun, but I am getting tired of racing in full leg warmers and long sleeves. Marty, this weekend looks to be a good street fight with the weather calling for 45F and rain. A big thanks to Dan Cleary for giving me a couple of gels before the race. Thanks Yo!!! Till next time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DURAND....and ish

Yo. First off a big congrats to my buddy Dano for winning Durand! He had a long day off the front with Jordan, BK, and greg, but it paid off. That race has always been a tough one. No wind played a huge roll so Dano decided to make it tough without the wind. The rest of the grandstay crew chilled in the bunch. Ian, Doug and Matt were the policemen of the day watching the front. Lance had a good race too and I was happy to see him riding strong. I occasionally rolled up to the front but Williams said it best when he said, "you weren't yourself today were you?" Nope. Some days you just don't have it. I usually don't feel super duper till June anyway. But still I should have been better on Saturday. Sogon Valley will be better. Tonight I'm gonna race aggressively. It should up the power for the weekend.
Till next time....

RANT : Are you fuckin' kidding me Senator Ryan!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OPUS and Swell stuff

Yo, Well last weekend wasn't great. Saturday, I got and hour on the trainer in....yeah. Sunday, I rode from Jenn's house and met Paul. The ride was bad. Terrible route, at the end I put a couple good efforts in after we split, so hopefully I'm ready for tonight. It's weird, this is the latest in the year I have ever lined up. I hope that means I'll be better when August rolls around. Anyway, I figured if mentioned Swell stuff I better live up to it. It doesn't get anymore Swell than this guy.....

Monday, April 7, 2008

4.75.... BAM, illegal

Well last weekend was the grandstay training camp. I only did 2 of four days. We went fast and slow. Great times had by all. Some news for everyone, Dan is the new instigator, and loves riding hard more than me. All weekend the kid was just chompin' at the bit; Dougo has his seat 9 CM behind the BB, I have 8.8CM of set back. So I just dispelled two assumptions about me for everyone out there. I'm sure I'll still hear from people that my seat is too far back though. Everyone rode well and is coming along pretty good. Thanks to Ian, Matt, and Casper for setting us up with stuff, and everyone else who gave me food. Till OPUS.....oh yeah, Lance's seat was in an illegal position of 4.75CM behind the BB, we rocked him for a good hour on that. Sorry yo, we do it cause we love ya.