Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yo. After 5 years in Minneapolis, (i cant believe it)We are round headed north, Anoka bound. Donimator Country. Janelle and I bought my Grandma's house. It pretty a swizz double bungalow rambler. We're renting out one side and setting up shop in the other. So it's good bye greenway and lakes, hello county roads and the river. We are actually pretty excited. I am officially a townie. It's helping grandma out cause that racket of a nursing home is 7K a month, so the house money is good for her. Anoka is good for flat roads and cross wind. In 4 years I am racing masters so I guess I should start training for that. I'm hoping to have a get together in the summer sometime. So if you have nothing to do on a whenever it will be, feel free to stop by for some food and drinks. I'll have pics soon. Congrats to Gregg and Patty on gettin' on GearGrinder!