Thursday, May 29, 2008


Last weekend was pretty fun...for some of us. Brian crashed and ended up in the ICU at Burlington. Hope he gets better soon. The snake went ok. I dropped my chain and Dale Sedgwick pushed me up on the 4th lap or so, thanks yo. On the lap before that Dan dropped his chain. Dougo had allergies. I finished 33rd, 3 spots worse than last year. Oh well. Melon city was pretty boring. I was in a couple breaks and none stayed away. I got in the money that day so that was nice. The quad was really fun. Micah joined us and it was goo to see him. Warming up, I had the typical shotgun blast flat. I rolled back to the truck and got another wheel. The race was really fun. Half way in the race a pretty good group got away, including E-rock who one the race. It took a while to bridge but I got there. After half a lap we got caught. In the last 5 laps, I tried to stay up front and get in the money again, but in the end I was 3 spots out, 28th. Oh well, my goal was to be up front and able to go with some moves, I was so that my me feel better. No super duper yet, but will be ready for nature valley speed pretty quick. Minnesota teams or riders won every race last weekend. Must be a good place :) Good job to Ian and Charlie for winning up in Duluth. Anyway, here is some random goodness from the trip.
-Shotguns and some type of flower
-Why are you so angry?
-And finally, when shit goes bad, blame it on the rods

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My poor friend me

Yo. UUUUhhhffff. It hurts to type. Last weekend was a tough one. Here is how the trip unfolded in chronological order:

1. Got rear-ended by some army broad on the way to the road race (Jenn got whiplash)
2. Did a tough road race finished 11th, Ian got 7th, Dan got 18th.
3. Ate a great burger
4. Jenn got a cold.
5. Felt great in the crit, then crashed
6. Got to wheel pit for free lap and the holder pushed me over
7. Scraped up hip, elbow, shoulder, and hand
8. Broke and scuffed my shoes!
9. Micah crashed with 5 to go, no free lap.
10.Got home safe.

More on the weekend later. The person holding me in the wheel pit is a good one...
Here are some battle wounds

Friday, May 16, 2008

Weekend trip yo

Yo. well Grandstay has a crew going to Mad-town this weekend for the Baraboo road race and wheels on willie crit. It should be a fun trip and a good couple of race days. This year hasn't included much racing for me so it will be good for all of us to get two back to back days in. Jenn is coming with so that should be fun too. It's her first time going to a race so hopefully she won't be too bored. Anyway, I heard M.I.A on the current to day and love the paper planes song. Here is the video. It reminds me of my days in north Murderapolis. Al right till next week.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Racin' bikes

Yo. Well racing is really pickin' up in the next couple weeks here. oooohhhfff. Tonight might rain again and make the OPUS field small again. I hope not. Last weekend I rested quite a bit. I took 3 days off my bike. It was good I think. Work was kicking my ass last week and I'd like to be fresh for the upcoming weeks . Last night I went for a couple hours and felt better than I thought. The rest was the ticket I guess. Grandstay, whooped up on last week. We won every race there was. That was nice. Sunday, I did the race for the cure with Jenn and her mom. Lots of people came and it was neat. I missed racing, but there are more important things sometimes. Other than that, not much is going on with me. I got a whicked hang nail goin' which sucks. It should get better pretty soon I think. Anyway, Dougo tells me how much I like the'youtube'. Here is, "Ima Robot". I have been listening to these guys for about a year and like 'em a lot. I particularly enjoy this video because it incorporates full contact musical chairs.
See you and OPUS

Monday, May 5, 2008

Windy as Wack....

Yo. Well Marty went ok. We screwed up a little bit but WTF, who's perfect? 4 guys in the top ten ain't too bad. Sunday, Dano and I went for a ride and it was windy as wack too. Oh well, at least no body is getting good recovery rides in. Later I hung out with Jenn. We watched the tour of romandy. Well I watched it and she did home work I guess. Anyway, we both had really busy weekends and were tired. After I left for home, I stopped at Rainbow for some tide and Muyres was there and we were talking. I felt some one grab me and it was Kristy Kreme. She and hollywood were getting cookie dough. It was neato running into everyone there. Oh yeah, one more thing, Dano and I went to subway after our ride. I sat down first and then Dano comes up with a 20 oz. of pop. I asked, "why'd you buy that?" He said, " I don't like watered down soda" I was thinking what the fuck, now I'm even more ghetto for drinking fountain pop. Oh well, the level of old king ghetto never ceases to amaze right? We had a good laugh. Anyway, this is getting kinda long so I'll leave you with some good ol' Minor Threat, "Cashing In"