Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ish watt

We pushed the ish watt a bit on Saturday. First time of the year really. It went ok.
Great to see everybody too. So far I think we will be pretty good. I got dropped two times, but not too bad. I liked seeing everyone's winter bikes. I think next time I'm gonna have a winter bike gallery. Dan was on old faithful, as was I. Dougo busted out the rocky mountain. Williams was on the Bianchi and Schlick was on the Poprad with Dave on an old trek. I miss the days when we did rides like this every weekend. We all grows up, we all grows up. Well, that's about it for this week, I'll work on some winter bike pictures for next time. Oh yeah, I broke my fender just as we finished up the ride, DAMN IT!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gettin' by


Well a lot has happened since the last update. The Sable finally died...This has sucked. I have to sit through rush hour on my way to student teaching. Swizzy. I bought a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have, but I didn't know the sable was going to die. Oh well. Training has been not good. I told Matt I wasn't gonna be fast till July though. The last couple weekends I was able to get out and get some base in, during the week however, homework has been kicking my ass. It's time for an end of an era too.
This year I didn't get Northwave shoes.
I got my first pair in 96 when I was on the Schwinn Homegrown team. With the exception of one year on shimano's I've always had Northwave's.
I got some Lake CX 400's.

Mainly because the come in wide.

I got slab feet. So far so good. I also did the heat molding, wow! I really like 'em so far. Al right, time to go to school! More Floor hockey!!!