Friday, July 17, 2009


Yo. Well the job search is starting to officially suck. At least youtube is alway good for wasting time. Anyway, we are starting to ride better as a team and that is a good feeling. Hopkins was really close. Probably the best crit we have raced this season. Dano is starting to get some form and we are all glad for that. Anyway, this weekend is the tour of Granite Country, so that will be a good race. He is a short little Bio of the most influential guy you prob never heard of. Al right then, Pete, Jens, Donimator, and anyone else who is healing get better quick!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THe happs'

Yo. Well the last month has been a real buzz saw. Lots 'a work, and not soo much bike racing. NVGP proved to be a fun one. We rode pretty well as a team. I thought Hanna was pretty funny when he told me that 51% of the invite only 'pro'race was armatures. Every one has their on little story from that race. Mine was a half hour solo chase after flatting. That was painful. Last weekend was a fun one. The state crit was a different venue and the course was just great. Windy as wack, just like last year forced a split. Dougo, Jens, Hackworthy, and me. We lapped the field and watched each other pretty good. GP got us again and Dave had a great win. We still won because Dave is from WI. So grandstay swept the podium which we usually don't do unless it's a time trial. Anyway, this weekend is Northfield and I don't think many people are going. So we will see how it goes. Al right back to the grind, landscaping today...uuuggghhhh.